Quick Start / How-to

Add the bot

Use this link to add the bot to your server. Make sure it has permission to view the text channels it needs. Of course, you might also want to restrict its access to certain channels.



Use a private channel so that your subject won’t see what you’re doing

To generate a model of your target user, execute:

df!generate <@user>


This will likely take a few minutes. The bot will read your server’s chat history, give you some stats on your subject’s messages, and generate a Markov chain model that mimics them. If, at the end of the process, you get something that sounds like your subject, you can proceed. Note the model_uid that gets generated:


If, on the other hand, you get something like this see here:



Once you’re happy with the model you’ve created use:

df!deploy self <@user>

The bot then will provide the files you need and a secret key for decrypting them. See here for what to do with your model artifacts.